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The Jacksonville Woodlands Association is caring for the special places that have been saved by the citizens of Jacksonville so that all may experience our city's gold rush heritage.

In 1989, alarmed by the prospect of development destroying the scenic wooded hillsides surrounding their National Historic Landmark City, the citizens of Jacksonville, Oregon rallied to form the non-profit Jacksonville Woodlands Association. During the past 2 decades the Woodlands Association has preserved 22 parcels of forested open space (320 acres) and has constructed 18 miles of connecting interpretive and recreational trails surrounding 70% of the town's historic district. The Association's preservation efforts have attracted national attention and has set the standard for community land preservation in Oregon. Jacksonville’s 1100-acre Forest Park, located one mile west of our historic downtown, offers 15 miles of grand vistas, hiking trails, small creeks, the town’s old reservoir, interpretive markers, and remnants of old gold mines. Forest Park is a great place to ride bikes or horses or to take an extended hike. Maps of Jacksonville’s extensive trail system are available at the city’s information center, various trail heads or by contacting the JWA at: info@jvwoodlands.org or by mailing a request to: JWA, P.O. Box 1210, Jacksonville, Oregon.


The Jacksonville Woodlands Association is responsible for the care and maintenance of 16 miles of hiking trails and 320 acres of native woodlands.

Each year the Association is obligated to raise the money needed to care for this rare emerald legacy.

So, if you are a trail user, or someone who feels good about knowing that these lands are forever protected, or perhaps you enjoy our web site, maps, educational booklets, and trail displays, then we would like to hear from you.

If everyone who views this message would respond with a contribution, then our yearly budget would be met.

Please send your generous tax deductible contribution to:
P.O. Box 1210
Jacksonville, Oregon 97530

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Rich Gulch Trail Usage – It’s a busy, busy trail.

In 2013 the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) installed a trail counter along their section of the Rich Gulch Trail- above Britt.

The information that the BLM counter has gathered shows with hard numbers the popularity of our Woodlands Trails and the economic impact the trails are having on Jacksonville as a hiking destination.

According to the government counters, the Rich Gulch Trail averages 1,581 people per month. March and April and May are the most popular months with a total of 6,300 hikers using the Rich Gulch section.

Since the Woodlands Trails are designed to be all-weather trails, they are heavily used year-round. Last November 2013 over 2,000 hikers trudged out to French Gulch. December had a respectable 750 hikers out braving one of the coldest and snowiest Decembers on record.

The trail counters captured a total of 19,000 Woodland hikers for the year! And that is just the four-mile section of Rich Gulch out of a total of 16 miles of Woodlands Trails and 15 miles of trails out in Forest Park.

Continued community support over the past 25 years has helped to make Historic Jacksonville the hiking capital of Southern Oregon! Continued community support will keep the Woodlands Trails open for the next 25 years.

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Abundant Hiking Opportunities

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Dedication of "Liz's Trail on April 17, 2010

Historic Jacksonville - the Hiking Capital of Oregon!

Celebrating our 22nd year

Protecting the Natural and Cultural Heritage of
Historic Jacksonville Since 1989.

"The best idea Jacksonville ever had!"

"The Woodlands Association has changed the
Cultural History of Jacksonville!"

"We love your trails!!"

"Your trails are an absolute blessing!"

"I thank you for your foresight."

If you have any questions,
or would like a trails map please e-mail or write us:

Jacksonville Woodlands Association
PO Box 1210
Jacksonville, Oregon 97530


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